Overgrown trees on your property pose numerous risks, especially when they’re near power lines. Knowing what to do with tree branches touching power lines attached to your house helps you prevent random power outages, potential fires, and more. By ensuring proper tree branch clearance, you can do your due diligence as a property owner to keep your family and neighbors safe.

Below, our expert team from ArborZone, a leading tree service company in New Braunfels, discusses everything you need to know about tree trimming near power lines.

The Hazards of Trees Touching Power Lines

First, you need to understand why utility line clearance is so vital. When trees, branches, or even just a few vines touch power lines, the following hazards may occur: 

Power Outages

Tree branches can weigh heavily on power lines, potentially damaging the wire. After a storm, a few overhanging branches may fall too low, causing the power line to break and interrupt power to your entire street. 

Fire Risks

When wires snap from overhanging branches, the electrical surge can cause sparking, which may ignite the tree. As a large tree catches fire, your home and all of your neighbors’ properties face high risks of significant damage. Aside from the property damage, your family and everyone nearby could be seriously injured, so you must take hazardous tree limb management seriously. 


Even when overhanging branches do not snap lines, causing power outages or fires, you could face risks of electrocutions. When a tree touches a live power line, it can conduct electricity, especially if the tree is wet. If someone touches the tree or attempts to trim it, they could get electrocuted by high-voltage shocks, causing severe burns. 

What To Do If You See Tree Branches Touching Nearby Power Lines

Now that you know why power line safety pruning is necessary, let’s discuss what to do with tree branches touching power lines attached to your house. If you notice branches anywhere near your power lines, you must call a professional tree trimming company. Attempting tree trimming near power lines without the proper certifications, knowledge, and equipment is not only highly dangerous but also illegal in many areas, so leave it to the professionals. 

How To Prevent This Safety Hazard in the Future

If you want to avoid the hazards that arise when branches grow near power lines, you must keep up with your tree trimming. As soon as branches begin approaching nearby power lines, call your local tree service company for overhanging branch removal to keep your trees in good shape. You may also consider thoughtfully designing a landscape with trees and shrubs beneath lines so you never have to deal with this concern again. 

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