Have you noticed your young trees below two years old wilting or losing their leaves? Are you giving them sufficient water?

In this blog post, ArborZone Tree Service, a trusted local tree service in New Braunfels, Texas, takes a deeper look into how often to water new trees to promote healthy growth for decades.

How Often Should You Water Your Young Trees?

Once you plant a tree, the secret to its longevity is ensuring it gets an extra dose of water and nutrient supply in the first few years. An established tree can find its own more easily, but a good rule of thumb is watering newly planted trees twice a week. For the first year or two, watering once a week should be sufficient.

However, besides knowing how often to water new trees, it also pays to know how much water your tree needs. Measure the tree’s diameter about three feet up from the base (straight across the tree’s trunk from side to side–not all the way around). Each time you water it, give your young tree about ten gallons of water for every inch of its diameter.

Do the Watering Frequency and Location Matter?

Yes, both the water frequency and the location matter to the health of your young tree. 

Deep Watering

Young trees are thirsty, so thoroughly soaking it occasionally is more beneficial than frequent but light watering. 

Watering early in the morning or at night also helps minimize evaporation to ensure the life-giving water soaks into the soil

Accurate Watering

Since a young tree only has its root system at the base, watering the area beyond the crown will make it difficult for the roots to reach the moisture. Apply water as close to the base of the tree as possible!

As it grows, concentrate the water around the tree’s drip line (where the canopy’s branches cast shade), but avoid watering above the trunk. Roots spread outward in search of nutrients and water, so watering the drip line increases the chances of moisture reaching the roots. This approach also helps your young tree extend its root system for better stability.

Don’t Forget About the Watering Technique

Use sprinklers to water your young trees if you must, but know that a soaker hose with a slow trickle will deliver moisture more efficiently while minimizing evaporation. A screwdriver or gardening trowel will reveal whether the soil is wet six to nine inches deep–this means you’ve watered your tree perfectly!

You’ll want to keep the soil around your new tree moist but not soggy. Don’t let the soil dry out completely.

Contact Your Local Tree Experts in Texas for Assistance

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