With hot summers and mild winters, New Braunfels has a perfect temperature range for growing many kinds of plantsThis includes a selection of fruit trees like peach, apple, pear, and plum. 

Fruit trees look beautiful, attract pollinators, increase biodiversity, have sweet-smelling blossoms, and produce tasty fruit. But when planning your landscape, do you know how far apart to plant fruit trees? 

Here, a reliable tree service in New Braunfels, TX, offers tips on optimal fruit tree spacing. 

how far apart to plant fruit trees

Size of Fruit Tree

Many fruit trees come in three varieties: dwarf, semi-dwarf, and standard. Dwarf trees typically grow eight to 10 feet (in width and height), semi-dwarf trees reach 12-15 feet, and standard fruit trees top out at 18-25 feet. 

Ideal fruit tree placement depends partly on the kind of tree you grow. As you may expect, dwarf trees usually require the least amount of space (approximately 10 by 10 feet), while standard trees need the most (typically 20 by 20 feet).

Type of Fruit Tree

Fruit tree planting intervals also depend on the species of fruit tree.

For example, dwarf pear trees need 12 by 12 feet, a bit more than the typical dwarf fruit tree. Standard sweet cherry and apple trees need significantly more than most standard-sized trees, requiring 35 by 35 feet of space. On the other hand, citrus trees need only eight feet of space around them.

Planting Method

High-density planting methods upend conventional fruit tree planting guidelines.

For example, cordon espalier planting allows you to grow dwarf and semi-dwarf varieties as close as 18-24 inches apart. You can maximize growing density by planting the trees at a slight angle and pruning them carefully.

Similarly, you can prune your fruit trees and train them to grow on a wall or trellis. This horizontal espalier method allows you to space fruit trees four to five feet apart.

Citrus hedges reduce the recommended distance for planting fruit trees even further. Commonly used by commercial citrus growers, hedges can grow as close as three feet apart.

Finally, you may plant two to four trees from the same family in one hole. This single-hole planting method enables you to grow several varieties in a small space. Doing so typically causes the varieties to compete for resources, producing semi-dwarf trees.

Goals and Preferences

Knowing how far apart to plant fruit trees also depends on your needs and goals. You can often grow trees three to four feet apart in groups to get the most fruit production for family use. If you’re designing a landscape with trees, you may space them further for aesthetic or functional purposes.

In either case, it’s essential to keep the final size of the tree and spacing needs in mind when selecting a planting location and the number of trees.

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