When you notice a few dead branches on your tree, you may not think anything of it at first. Over time, though, you may see even more decay spreading across the tree. When the next big storm comes, dead branches could fall, damaging your property. 

So, do dead branches hurt a tree, and what should you do about them? Below, our experts from ArborZone, a professional tree service in New Braunfels, discuss what happens when a branch dies and how it affects the tree. 

do dead branches hurt a tree

How Dead Branches Can Affect a Tree

Dead tree branches don’t just impact your curb appeal. When a few branches on a tree die, the entire plant becomes more susceptible to diseases and decay. Disease from one dead branch could spread to the rest of the tree if not taken care of promptly, damaging its structure, inhibiting growth, and destroying its health. 

Decaying and dead branches affect tree health and can be a severe hazard. When branches die, they lose their strength and are at a much higher risk of falling.

Dead branches may fall onto your car, home, or other structures, causing expensive property damage. Heavy branches could also injure you or your family. In many cases, insurance companies will not cover losses from dead tree branches since you did not perform your due diligence as the homeowner by completing the required tree trimming.  

How To Tell If You Have Dead Tree Branches

So, do dead branches hurt a tree? Yes, so let’s discuss how you can look for them in your yard. You can check for dead branches by snapping a small twig from the tree. If it snaps off easily, you should investigate further, as this indicates dryness.

Look at the inside of the twig. Twigs from dead branches will be dry and colorless on the inside. If the twig snaps easily and lacks greenness, it may be time to prune. 

What To Do About Your Dead Tree Branches

If you believe you have dead tree branches, don’t hesitate to hire a professional tree trimming company. Cutting off dead branches yourself is dangerous and can harm the tree. Professional tree trimmers have ample knowledge of tree health, pruning, and plant anatomy, so they understand the right amount of branches to cut and where to cut for the healthiest results. 

The Best Time of Year To Schedule Tree Trimming

The best times of year to schedule your tree pruning are usually late fall through early spring. Removing dead branches in the summer usually doesn’t offer optimal growth. By scheduling the pruning during colder seasons, the plant will have plenty of time to recover before the next growth season. 

Choose the Experts for Your Tree Pruning in New Braunfels, TX

Do dead branches hurt a tree? Yes, so if you notice dead branches on your trees, you should call ArborZone at (210) 305-8400 to schedule tree trimming service. Should you require tree removal, our highly trained professionals can handle that, too. 

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