Pruning is an important activity for most trees, particularly fruit trees. Properly pruning an apple tree will keep it looking well-maintained, encourage growth, and improve fruiting. 

But if you missed pruning your apple tree in the winter, you may wonder, “Can you prune an apple tree in spring?” Once you understand the pros and cons of pruning apple trees during spring, you can make an informed decision. You’ll be better prepared to work with New Braunfels’ reliable tree service specialist to keep your trees healthy and beautiful.

can you prune an apple tree in spring

When Should Your Prune Fruit Trees?

In general, pruning fruit trees is an activity for winter. During this time, the trees are dormant, allowing you to prune without damaging them.

Pruning in the winter encourages growth, though the later you do it, the less of a response you’ll see.

Should You Prune in the Spring?

The answer to “Can you prune an apple tree in spring?” depends on whether you want to encourage or slow growth. 

Pruning apple trees in the spring is not usually recommended if you want to encourage growth. The later you do it, the less growth you’ll see.

However, if you’re a homeowner with apple trees and not as focused on fruit yields, springtime apple tree trimming may not be a horrible idea. If you do it early enough, you’ll tame wild branches and keep your trees looking better. Just do so as early as you can.

Spring Pruning Techniques for Apple Trees

It’s generally easier to prune your apple trees if you have pruned the tree in the past. Past pruning gives a framework for you and the tree to follow.

Begin by removing any diseased, dead, or broken branches. 

In general, remove old and crowded side branches. Doing so will allow your tree to have a better proportion of fruit-bearing branches.

Cut water sprouts as close to the parent branch as possible. 

You can remove branches that are growing in awkward positions or that seem to have low productivity.

Because pruning apple trees in spring can be a bit more tricky, you may want to reach out to a professional. An expert arborist can prune your tree in a way that won’t harm your trees.

Pruning Older Apple Trees

Spring apple tree pruning for older trees is relatively the same. However, you’ll want to be careful. Make sure to take steps to keep your plants healthy. You can consider the following for spring apple tree care:

  • Adding mulch to the soil surface
  • Not removing more than a third of the tree growth 
  • Removing water sprouts in the late spring

Safely Prune Your New Braunfels, TX Trees

The answer to “Can you prune an apple tree in spring?” is yes. However, working with the professionals at Arbor Zone can help ensure you make the best decision. We can even help you answer other questions like “Do dead branches hurt a tree?”

If you want to make sure your trees are getting the best care possible, contact Arbor Zone in New Braunfels, TX. Give us a call at (210) 305-8400 to get started.

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